Development aims to bring new homes to Stephenville

STEPHENVILLE, TEXAS — The plat map for a new development of 48 homes in Stephenville was approved Tuesday by the city council meeting, allowing the Golf Country Estates II project to move forward.

Kenneth Dees of engineering firm, Chalk Mountain, LLC, represented the development at the meeting and explained some of the details in a phone interview on Wednesday.

“This will be a great development with every home having green space access along the golf course. We’re looking at homes in the 2,500 plus square-foot range with prices starting at $350,000” he said.

Dees has been working closely with Community Development Director Judy Miller, GIS Coordinator Bob Cole and Nick Williams, director of public works, and he gave them rave reviews.

“I can’t say enough good things about those people,” Dees said. “They are so knowledgeable and professional, and as helpful as they can be. I wish it were always like that when working with people in those positions.”

The project will undergo some revisions then an updated plat will be submitted to Stephenville Planning and Zoning Commission and then to the city council for final approval.

“Assuming that all goes well, and we expect it will, we’re probably looking at breaking ground around the first of June,” he said.