Homeowners who live in areas that aren’t served by a centralized public wastewater treatment system must include an Onsite Septic System Facility (OSSF) as part of their build. About 20% of homes in America rely on septic systems.

When planning out a septic system for your property, Chalk Mountain will test your soil, design your system and then handle permitting with your community.

We are Licensed

We utilize licensed sanitarians as well as licensed professional engineers to design a custom tailored septic system for your building site.

Laws and Regulations

Any major project like a septic system installation means that you need to make sure that your project is within the laws and regulations of your particular community.  Within Texas, regulations and design criteria are defined by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).  Chalk Mountain will ensure that we adhere to the regulations in your area before we start the design process.

Site and Soil Evaluations

Septic system designs are based in part upon the type of soil which is available onsite as well as other site characteristics.  Chalk Mountain will evaluate your site as well as test your soil before preparing a design which is custom tailored to your particular build site.

Types of Septic Systems

Septic systems are generally one of two types, aerobic and anaerobic.  The old-school septic system which consists of a simple tank with lateral lines is an anaerobic system.  The newer aerobic system are more sophisticated and add additional components to the design including a pump as well as either a spray system or a pressurized drip system (in lieu of lateral lines).  The results of the soil test, site characteristics, community standards and owner preference all go into the mix of ascertaining which type of system is best for a particular build.

Permitting Process

Septic systems always require a permit prior to construction.  Chalk Mountain will submit the septic system design along with all of the necessary applications to your community for approval.


Chalk Mountain will recommend at least two contractors who work within your area.  You can then obtain bids and select which contractor is best for your needs.  The contractor will also provide you a service contract which will meet state guidelines.


All OSSFs require maintenance at one time or another.

Conventional anaerobic systems need to have the septic tank pumped out to remove the solids and keep the system from backing up. It is recommended that you pump your septic tank every three to five years to prevent short circuiting of the treatment process.

Aerobic systems are more complex and require more maintenance.  Permitting authorities have adopted stringent requirements which require that licensed specialists provide maintenance.  Contracting with a licensed maintenance provider to check, troubleshoot and test the system is required by TCEQ. The maintenance provider inspects components of the system and notes whether or not every component is working during each site visit. If the system uses an electronic monitor, automatic radio or telephone to notify the maintenance provider of system or component failure and to monitor the amount of disinfection in the system, reporting may be reduced to every six months. The maintenance provider will tell the homeowner of any problems or repairs to be made. Any required repairs that are not made will be reported to the permitting authority.

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