We are Licensed

We utilize licensed professional engineers who assist with the evaluation and design of foundations, retaining walls as well as other light-structural applications.


  • Foundation Applications:

    • Residential – Single and multifamily slab-on-ground foundation.

    • Light Commercial – Retail, low to mid-rise office complexes, hotels.

    • Light Industrial – Warehouses, aircraft hangers.

    • Mixed-Use Developments – Combines residential and light commercial.

  • Foundation Types:

    • Post-Tensioned (Cable) slab-on-ground.

    • Steel Reinforced (Rebar) slab-on-ground.

    • Barrier Beam (Deep Perimeter).

    • Pier Lift System.


  • Types of Retaining Walls

    • Timber

    • Interlocking Concrete Block

    • Stone, Brick or Cinder Block

    • Concrete

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