• Attorneys – We have worked with some of the largest (and the smallest) law firms in the State of Texas.  Chances are, we can provide the expertise you require for litigation support and expert testimony.

  • Architects – We work with architects on both commercial and residential (single and multi-family) projects

  • Builders – We work with builders regarding site plans (including grading  and retaining walls), drainage and floodplain issues

  • Communities – We work with communities to address a number of issues including flood studies, drainage studies and street design/reconstruction

  • Developers – We like to think that we become not only part of your professional services team but most importantly, your partner.  We provide a wide array of civil engineering related services.

  • Engineering Companies – We become part of the technical team and routinely provide services not offered by other engineering companies (such as water resource related engineering)

  • Property Owners – We work with property owners regarding drainage issues and floodplain issues

  • Realtors – We work with realtors regarding due diligence issues including investigation of utilities, floodplain issues and other tasks essential to the sale or purchase of real estate. diligence property assessments, land use studies and floodplain issues